Nathan Pendlebury // ON PAPER

Nathan Pendlebury // ON PAPER
An exhibition of original work on paper and limited edition giclee prints.
On display is something of a 20 year mini-retrospective of work by the artist dating from 1996 up to 2016, featuring original paintings/drawings (on paper) as well as a selection of limited edition giclee prints.
The early urban abstract originals have rarely been exhibited since their inception and showing them together with the newer works (in print form) shows something of the changes his painting has taken over the years, whilst all the time managing to be recognisable as works by Nathan Pendlebury.
The limited edition paper prints on display are of the more recent work that Nathan has produced. Whilst his earlier work tended to focus on mark making, line, tone and form, it is quite noticeable that colour seems more important to him in his painting after 2010. Recent paintings have been described as “brave and ‘unpretenscious’, upbeat and lively, Howard Hodgkin-on- acid-abstracts which are synesthetic, not synthetic representations of an environment.”

Images of the exhibition are enclosed below. More work by the artist can be viewed at


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