Jake Bugg Commision

Painting Number 1.

As you may already know I was recently fortunate enough to be chosen by the established singer Jake Bugg to supply a painting for his upcoming third studio album “On My One”. This painting “Fields Of Green #2” was already done when Jake viewed my portfolio and it is this painting which drew him to my work. Jake later decided to purchase this painting amd commision two more for his album project. 

Painting number 1 for the Jake Bugg Commision “Fields of Green 2” was titled after the Tom Waits song of the same title. I like to title my songs in relation to music and sometimes use lyrics and song titles that I was listening to or thinking of when I was painting the work. Or, sometimes I just feel that it fits the feel of the painting. A title always comes after the painting is finished.

“Fields of Green 1” and “…2” signify a step for my work becoming part anstract but with a landscape feel to it. Something which I hope to explore much more in the future. Stay tuned for images of paintings 2 and 3 for this commision.

FIELDS OF GREEN 2, by Nathan Pendlebury. 100x100cm. Acrylic and aerosol paint with charcoal on canvas. Copyright of Nathan Pendlebury.

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