Featured Artist : Heather Wilcoxon 

20 Questions to Heather Wilcoxon (www.heatherwilcoxon.com)

1. Who am I?

 Heather wilcoxon, Bay Area Artist..

2. My Background..

Grew up in LA. Went to .Couinard Art Institute 1965-67… fast forward.. San Francisco Art Institute, graduated 1988,, MFA.

3.Where was I born? 

Los Angeles, California, 1947

4.Explain my work..

I have done all kinds of image making, painting, drawing, printing,animated film, assemblage,and installations.. Each piece is its own experience and tells its own story. I like the viewer to find their own experience in my work.. So I really cannot explain my work to you.. 

5.How has my practice changed over time?

My work keeps changing over the years.. Its healthy not to get stuck in one place for too long..at least for me.or I start getting bored..I don’t like that..it took me 10 years to find myself after grad school.I kept experimenting…with materials, with imagery, with content..and I still do that..It can be very risky to change your style..your dealer and or collectors don’t like that sometimes..But I don’t care.. I do what i want….period.

6.My favorite medium is: 

RF oil bars

7.Do you pursue any themes? If so what?

Well,I have been stuck on the boat image for a while now…Have never thought of it as a theme.. My ideas for my imagery come from my emotions about something I care about strongly.. I draw a lot and have many books filled with ideas to choose from.. The boat image is a great metaphor for many things in life.. and because I live on a boat and have sailed across the ocean several times… It’s fits right now.. But that too could change..

8.What the jobs have you done/ do you do other then being an artist..

 I have shined shoes,been a waitress,house keeper,bright worker..taught art at SFAI. UC Berkeley, CCA, College of Marin.. Kala Instate.. Presently I teach workshops around the Bay Area.. 

9.What research to you do for your art?

   I observe the world around me..

10. What makes me angry?

    Lots of things make me angry these days.

11.What is your favorite color?  

They all all beautiful.. 

12. What is your favorite painting? 

 I have several favorite paintings.. Hard to choose just one.

13. What is music/ album are you currently listening to? 

     I listen to lots of different kinds of music.. no favorites.

14.. What makes me happy.

       Making art… 

15. What are your favorite films.. 

      Don’t go to movies much.

16. Favorite place..

 Galilee Harbor, Home

17. One or more artists you like?

    Philp Guston, Jenny Seville

18. Favorite Word..

     F**k… that is a stupid question..

19.Professionally, what is your goal.

     At my age,,, just to keep working..

20. What would your dream commission be?

    To never do one again..

Copyright Heather Wilcoxon

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