Book : Anthony Pendlebury Paintings 

Back in 2008 I created a book about my Dads art.

Back Story : The Reason I Created The Book.

Back in 2008 my Dad suffered a severe stroke, which left him paralysed, and he was told there was slim chance he would walk again if ever get out of bed. At first my Dad gave up, but he soon found his fire and began to fight, he was determined to get better, and whilst he was on the first steps to the very long road of recovery I took to looking at his art works that he had produced before he took ill. I then decided that the best way I could help my Dad would be to push him and push the idea that he would again feel the magic that painting brings. 

Part of this plan that I decided upon would be to create a self published book which looked at his painting, and present it to him as a present. This also in turn helped me cope in the difficult time I was going through watching my Dad struggle both mentally and physically, and gave me something to focus on. Being in a Newcastle hospital and myself being in Liverpool the train journeys were long and this was when I would work on the book. By the time I finished the book my Dad was to the surprise of his Doctor beginning to sit up in bed and he had regained use of both his arms. Thankfully the book and the thought of painting again spurred him on even more, and in what seemed a matter of weeks (but must have been months) he was beginning to learn to walk again. 

Upon release from hospital my Dad was put into a wheelchair. Since then he has got rid of the chair and can walk with a stick. He of course has bad days where he is stiff, dizzy, cannot see very well and is tired. But he also has better days when he can paint. Painting makes him happy and he paints whenever he can. 

Book Details:

This book is still for sale at and features a massive 111 of his paintings over 120 pages (all in colour). This is an extensive look at the paintings of the him and his intensive artistic portfolio between 2003 and 2008. It is available to buy as an eBook or printed book via the following link, and a full preview of the book is also available on their website too:




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