Featured Artist : Duncan Gates

20 Questions to Duncan Gates (www.duncangates.co.uk).

1: Who are you? 

1. Duncan Gates.

2: What is your background? 

2. Pencil squeezer. 

3: Where were you born? 

3. Dover. Kent. Uk.

4: Explain your work in up to 40 words.

4. My work is painting and drawing based. Common themes are dogs and birds and childhood memories of growing up by the beaches of SE UK coast. http://www.duncangates.co.uk

5: How has your practice changed over time?

5. I have become more free and expressive as I have aged. Less worried about what people think. 

6: Do you have a favourite medium to work in?

6. Oil.

7: Do you pursue any themes? If so what?

7. Dogs mainly. But more birds recently.

8: What other jobs have you done/do you do other than being an artist?

8. I am a company director at antique ceramic restoration Ltd. http://www.antique-restore.com 

I have also been an air con fitter.

9: What research do you do for your art?

9. Research is looking at artists who share themes and or ways of working that are in tune with mine. 

10: What makes you angry?

10. Art thieves.

11: What is your favourite colour?

11. Blue.

12: What is your favourite piece that you have produced?

12. ‘Cannis major’ which was stolen by art thieves. Bastards. 

13: What music/album are you currently listening to?

13. Public service broadcasting. The race for space.

14: What makes you happy?

14. My family. My wife Emily and 2 boys Jasper and Robin.

15: What are your favourite films?
15. Jaws. Almost perfect.

16: Favourite place?

16. Dungeness in kent. A mix of shingle. weird houses made of train carries. Eco huts .rare birds. Fishermen. And a big nuclear power station. Wonderful artist and film maker Derrick Jarman lived there.

17: One or more artists you like?

17. Living…peter doig. Dead… carravagio or bacon.

18: What is your favourite word?

18. Porcelain

19: Professionally what is your goal?

19. My professional goal is to find, buy, repair and sell imperial mark and period chinese ceramics. To turn my business into a sales operation not just a repair service.

20: What would your dream commission be?

20. My dream commission would be to paint Pete Townsends’ dogs.



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