Featured Artist : Mark Chapman

Here is the first in an ongoing series of interviews where I will ask the same 20 questions of different artists. First up is Mark Chapman.

20 Questions to Mark Chapman (radarcommunication.com)

1: Who are you?

Mark Chapman

2: What is your background?

Originally studied graphic design, I now produce visual art

3: Where were you born?

Bebington, Wirral. Have now lived in Liverpool for about 18 years. Family are originally from Sheffield and Leicester

4: Explain your work in up to 40 words.

Visual art / mixed media art. Based on themes including recyclying and reusing, symmetry, and modern communication

5: How has your practice changed over time?

My work is often based on themes, with work produced in a series and often accompanied by a book – Symmetry Series, etc

6: Do you have a favourite medium to work in?

Mixed! I like to combine painting and photography with digital

7: Do you pursue any themes? If so what?

Recycling, reusing, symmetry, media and communication

8: What other jobs have you done/do you do other than being an artist?

I’m also a trainer/assessor, helping to develop and update skills in others, often to help them get back into employment

9: What research do you do for your art?

I enjoy reading Wired magazine, TED talks, and papers such as the Guardian

10: What makes you angry?

Small minded people!

11: What is your favourite colour?


12: What is your favourite piece that you have produced?

The first works I produced and sold were based on symmetry, so probably these pieces

13: What music/album are you currently listening to?

I recently saw Young Fathers (at Skelmersdale library). Their current album is ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’

14: What makes you happy?

When people like my work! Or cycling, hiking, traveling

15: What are your favourite films?

2001 Space Odyssey, Tron, Usual Suspects, and more…

16: Favourite place?

Iceland, land of fire and ice!

17: One or more artists you like?

Rauschenberg, Richter, Tapies, and many less well known (and more local ones)

18: What is your favourite word?

‘Regards’, its at the end of very email, and yet rarely said verbally

19: Professionally what is your goal?

Bigger and better. Would like to work collaboratively to produce work that combines art, design and technology. Would also like to exhibit abroad – Delhi and New York

20: What would your dream commission be?

To produce work that benefits others – health or education sector maybe.

Mark Chapman (Image Courtesy of the Artist).
Web: http://www.radarcommunication.com email: contact@radarcommunication.com


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